Become master of the Dragon Balls with the Pacific Northwest’s Budokai League

By on January 8, 2018 at 1:00 pm
DBFZ Shenron

For future Dragon Ball FighterZ players living in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a tournament series waiting for you. Called the Budokai League, this series will see players trying to collect seven Dragon Balls from winning tournaments dotted around the region. If you collect all seven, you will win a flight to any US major of your choosing.

The Dragon Balls will be first distributed among the winners of select monthly tournaments in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. From then on, players can collect a Dragon Ball by either beating a player with a Ball in tournament, or by organizing a special Dragon Ball Match with your region’s Budokai official. Unless you have a Dragon Radar Ticket — which will be given to runners-up of monthlies in the Pacific Northwest — you can only schedule a Dragon Ball match if you yourself have a Dragon Ball to wager.

You can read the full ruleset right here, but if you collect all seven Dragon Balls and manage to keep hold of them after two Dragon Ball Matches, the eternal dragon Shenron will grant you a free flight to a US major of your choice. This league is certainly a cool concept, and I hope other regions will take on this format to build hype for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

For more information on the Budokai League, follow PNWAirDashers on Twitter. The first Budokai League event will be on February 3rd and players have until July to collect all seven Dragon Balls, before they turn to stone and cannot be used for another year.

Source: PNWAirDashers

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