r/StreetFighter user unknowingly finds early copy of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on January 6, 2018 at 6:10 pm
SFV AE Splash Art

It seems like Capcom put out copies of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition a little too early. Flagged up by Reddit user dick_dickerson2004 on r/StreetFighter, he managed to (unknowingly) get his hands on SFV: AE ahead of its January 16th release. After buying what looked to be vanilla Street Fighter V, dickerson was able to play through all of the new Arcade Edition content — straight off the disk.

After Reddit users — quite rightly — questioned the veracity of dickerson’s claims, he posted a video (under the new name junkington) showing him playing through Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, complete with a glimpse at an updated Training Mode. One of the new features in Training Mode is the ability to show when a character is at frame advantage, which will be very useful for testing block-strings.

Based on the fact that the game box that junkington bought had no special Arcade Edition artwork on it, one can assume that new retail versions of Street Fighter V come preloaded with Arcade Edition content on them. As long as you don’t connect to PlayStation Network — and presumably download a patch which locks off the Arcade Edition content until the 16th — you seem to be able to play SFV: AE ahead of its general release.

It’s unknown at this time if this phenomenon is unique to a single store or if it is widespread, so exercise caution when buying up new copies of Street Fighter V — just to check if Arcade Edition is already loaded onto the disk.

Source: r/StreetFighter via HiFight

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