The 16th Cooperation Cup results

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Cooperation Cup 16

Cooperation Cup is the biggest yearly celebration of one the most beloved fighting games, Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. Hosted in Tokyo, Japan and now in its sixteenth year, the event continues to grow year after year, with a record 108 teams entered in the Cooperation Cup and 70 teams in the Pre-Cooperation Cup this year. If you’re looking to get your fix of high-end 3rd Strike play, look no further!

As with previous years, the event begins with the Pre-Cooperation Cup on Saturday, A 5on5 pre-festival primarily consisting of same-character teams. The action continues on Sunday with the Cooperation Cup proper, also a 5on5 event. Both events follow the same basic structure. In the First Round, the teams are separated into blocks of 3 or 4 teams in round-robin play. First place from each block advances, to the 2nd Round, while second place advances to the first Playoff. The 2nd Round splits the teams into 7 blocks, with the top team advancing to Final Tournament and the remaining teams going to the second Playoff. In first Playoff, each team picks a representative to face-off in 1on1 matches against the other teams in a single elimination format. The single surviving team advances to the second Playoff with the teams from the 2nd Round and the format is repeated, with one team advancing to fill out the bracket of 8 in the Final Tournament.

Cooperation Cup is a chance to watch some of the legends of 3rd Strike in action. Haitani, Kuroda, Daigo Umehara, BOSS, Onuki, Kokujin, RX,Yakkun, Issei and Nica KO are just a few of the 500+ names that will be competing over the weekend. You can find a full team list for the Cooperation Cup here and for the Pre-Cooperation Cup here.

Two streams will be bringing you coverage of the event live from the Hulic Hall in Taito, Tokyo, in English and Japanese. For the original broadcast, check out Game Newton’s Twitch channel. For English, watch on Jiyuna’s channel. The action begins each day at 10:00 AM JST (8:00 PM EST, 5:00 PM PST the previous day), with the finals scheduled around 5:30 PM JST (3:30 AM EST, 12:30 AM PST).


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The 16th Cooperation Cup

1. Houyoku Gen’ei Suzaku – ORUGA (Yun), DERUN (Yun), Red (Ibuki), L (Yun), Shirokuro (Chun-Li)
2. kimitachi wa dou ikiruka – mester (Yun), higa (Ibuki), moriB (Ken), jima (Dudley), KO (Yang)
3. !? – The Beef (Ushi)!? (Yun), Shino (Urien), Kamata (Makoto), MachiKen (Ken), Hirahata (Dudley)
3. Sage’s time – MATSUKEN (Ken), MIMORA (Makoto), Mr.Mikami (Oro), NAKAMURA (Dudley), MANMA (Gouki)
5. Darkstalkers – Kowappa (Yun), Match (Gouki), Wantaren (Yun), Komemaru (Chun-Li), panpina (Urien)
5. High nutrients – Gorgeous (Necro), Saru (Yun), Killer Machine (Chun-Li), Scrap (Ken), Taka (Q)
5. Deady! work woman!! – tsumoon (Remy), chance (Makoto), shie (Ken), dotto (Gouki) rori (Dudley)
5. cho demo nai kedo seimitsu gumi – Genki (Alex), seikun (Alex), ef (Dudley), Lucifer (Pierrot) (Remy), Ike (Dudley)

Match Log
Grand Final

Houyoku Gen’ei Suzaku vs. kimitachi wa dou ikiruka – 5-3

L (Yun) vs. jima (Dudley)
L (Yun) vs. moriB (Ken)
Red (Ibuki) vs. moriB (Ken)
Red (Ibuki) vs. higa (Ibuki)
Red (Ibuki) vs. KO (Yang)
ORUGA (Yun) vs. KO (Yang)
Shirokuro (Chun-Li) vs. KO (Yang)
Shirokuro (Chun-Li) vs. mester (Yun)


!? vs. Houyoku Gen’ei Suzaku – 3-5

Shino (Urien) vs. ORUGA (Yun)
Shino (Urien) vs. Red (Ibuki)
Hirahata (Dudley) vs. Red (Ibuki)
Hirahata (Dudley) vs. L (Yun)
Hirahata (Dudley) vs. Shirokuro (Chun-Li)
Kamata (Makoto) vs. Shirokuro (Chun-Li)
MachiKen (Ken) vs. Shirokuro (Chun-Li)
The Beef!? vs. Shirokuro (Chun-Li)

Sage’s time vs. kimitachi wa dou ikiruka – 1-5

Mr.Mikami (Oro) vs. moriB (Ken)
NAKAMURA (Dudley) vs. moriB (Ken)
MANMA (Gouki) vs. moriB (Ken)
MATSUKEN (Ken) vs. moriB (Ken)
MIMORA (Makoto) vs. moriB (Ken)
MIMORA (Makoto) vs. jima (Dudley)


Darkstalkers vs. Houyoku Gen’ei Suzaku – 4-5

panpina (Urien) vs. ORUGA (Yun)
Wantaren (Yang) vs. ORUGA (Yun)
Wantaren (Yang) vs. Red (Ibuki)
Wantaren (Yang) vs. Shirokuro (Chun-Li)
Komemaru (Chun-Li) vs. Shirokuro (Chun-Li)
Kowappa (Yun) vs. Shirokuro (Chun-Li)
Match (Gouki) vs. Shirokuro (Chun-Li)
Match (Gouki) vs. L (Yun)
Match (Gouki) vs. DERUN (Yun)

!? vs. High nutrients – 5-4

Kamata (Makoto) vs. Taka (Q)
Shino (Urien) vs. Taka (Q)
Shino (Urien) vs. Gorgeous (Necro)
Hirahata (Dudley) vs. Gorgeous (Necro)
Hirahata (Dudley) vs. Saru (Yun)
Hirahata (Dudley) vs. Killer Machine (Chun-Li)
MachiKen (Ken) vs. Killer Machine (Chun-Li)
MachiKen (Ken) vs. Scrap (Ken)
The Beef!? (Yun) vs. Scrap (Ken)

Deady! work woman!! vs. kimitachi wa dou ikiruka – 2-5

dotto (Gouki) vs. Jima (Dudley)
dotto (Gouki) vs. MoriB (Ken)
dotto (Gouki) vs. KO (Yang)
rori (Dudley) vs. KO (Yang)
shie (Ken) vs. KO (Yang)
tsumoon (Remy) vs. KO (Yang)
chance (Makoto) vs. KO (Yang)

cho demo nai kedo seimitsu gumi vs. Sage’s time – 4-5

seikun (Alex) vs. Mr.Mikami (Oro)
Lucifer (Remy) vs. Mr.Mikami (Oro)
Lucifer (Remy) vs. MATSUKEN (Ken)
Ike (Dudley) vs. MATSUKEN (Ken)
Ike (Dudley) vs. NAKAMURA (Dudley)
Ike (Dudley) vs. MANMA (Gouki)
Ike (Dudley) vs. MIMORA (Makoto)
ef (Dudley) vs. MIMORA (Makoto)
Genki (Alex) vs. MIMORA (Makoto)

Pre-Cooperation Cup 2018

1. raigekishu (Yun x5) – derun, L, hiyashinsu, mester, terubou
2. Black belt (Makoto x5) – tominaga, mimora, chance, boss, chibacchi
3. ossu!! ora5Q (Q x5) – bentouya, TM, Masa, KAS Q, OUT
3. shibusupo (Yun x5) – masuda, issei, misawa, shimono, TKD
5. KO of the World (Yun x5) – Nica KO, Yakkun, Ushi!?, SHO, KO
5. Flo MIssionels (Yang x5) – Flo (Furo), 64Lightning (Roshihikari), Ke-kun, Ko-die, King Adult (Wantaren)
5. Center shirokuro (Chun-Li x5) – Oryu, Mochi, Shirokuro, PearlRice, Tarokichi
5. KANTO RENGO (Gouki x5) – Tokko Taicho Zabi, Match, Dekoy, Arashi, Manma

Match Log
Grand Final

Black belt vs. raigekishu – 4-5

chibacchi (Makoto) vs. L (Yun)
tominaga (Makoto) vs. L (Yun)
tominaga (Makoto) vs. hiyashinsu (Yun)
chance (Makoto) vs. hiyashinsu (Yun)
boss (Makoto) vs. hiyashinsu (Yun)
boss (Makoto) vs. terubou (Yun)
mimora (Makoto) vs. terubou (Yun)
mimora (Makoto) vs. derun (Yun)
mimora (Makoto) vs. mester (Yun)


ossu!! ora5Q vs. Black belt – 3-5

bentouya (Q) vs. chibacchi (Makoto)
OUT (Q) vs. chibacchi (Makoto)
KAS Q (Q) vs. chibacchi (Makoto)
TM (Q) vs. chibacchi (Makoto)
TM (Q) vs. tominaga (Makoto)
TM (Q) vs. chance (Makoto)
TM (Q) vs. boss (Makoto)
Masa (Q) vs. boss (Makoto)

shibusupo vs. raigekishu – 4-5

misawa (Yun) vs. terubou (Yun)
shimono (Yun) vs. terubou (Yun)
TKD (Yun) vs. terubou (Yun)
TKD (Yun) vs. mester (Yun)
TKD (Yun) vs. L (Yun)
masuda (Yun) vs. L (Yun)
issei (Yun) vs. L (Yun)
issei (Yun) vs. hyashinsu (Yun)
issei (Yun) vs. derun (Yun)


KO of the World vs. Black belt – 3-5

Nica KO (Yun) vs. chibacchi (Makoto)
Nica KO (Yun) vs. chance (Makoto)
KO (Yun) vs. chance (Makoto)
SHO (Yun) vs. chance (Makoto)
Ushi!? (Yun) vs. chance (Makoto)
Ushi!? (Yun) vs. boss (Makoto)
Ushi!? (Yun) vs. tominaga (Makoto)
Yakkun (Yun) vs. tominaga (Makoto)

ossu!! ora5Q vs. Flo Missionels – 5-4

bentouya (Q) vs. King Adult (Yang)
KAS Q (Q) vs. King Adult (Yang)
OUT (Q) vs. King Adult (Yang)
TM (Q) vs. King Adult (Yang)
TM (Q) vs. Ke-kun (Yang)
TM (Q) vs. Ko-die (Yang)
TM (Q) vs. 64Lightning (Yang)
Masa (Q) vs. 64Lightning (Yang)
Masa (Q) vs. Flo (Yang)

Center shirokuro vs. raigekishu – 4-5

Tarokichi (Chun-Li) vs. L (Yun)
Oryu (Chun-Li) vs. L (Yun)
PearlRice (Chun-Li) vs. L (Yun)
PearlRice (Chun-Li) vs. terubou (Yun)
Shirokuro (Chun-Li) vs. terubou (Yun)
Shirokuro (Chun-Li) vs. mester (Yun)
Shirokuro (Chun-Li) vs. derun (Yun)
Mochi (Chun-Li) vs. derun (Yun)
Mochi (Chun-Li) vs. hiyashinsu (Yun)

KANTO RENGO vs. shibusupo – 4-5

Arashi (Gouki) vs. TKD (Yun)
Arashi (Gouki) vs. shimono (Yun)
Arashi (Gouki) vs. misawa (Yun)
Arashi (Gouki) vs. masuda (Yun)
Dekoy (Gouki) vs. masuda (Yun)
manma (Gouki) vs. masuda (Yun)
manma (Gouki) vs. issei (Yun)
Tokko Taicho Zabi (Gouki) vs. issei (Yun)
Match (Gouki) vs. issei (Yun)

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