Watch Evolution Guilty Gear champs Ogawa and Machabo face off in a FT10 at Kemonomichi

By on January 5, 2018 at 7:00 pm

The Kemonomichi exhibition event provided plenty of thrills from a triad of games this week, but Guilty Gear fans had an epic first-to-ten set to feast on. Playing the Xrd REV 2 version, we get to see none other than the legendary Ogawa versus the amazing Machabo play each other in an hour-long, grueling set.

While Ogawa has always stuck to Eddie/Zato=1, Machabo has switched characters from time to time. Rather than Sin, he’s been seen using Ky Kiske in REV 2. Both players show mastery not only of their mechanics but also display years of practice in the most difficult Guilty Gear mechanics; precise Instant Blocking, backdashing, and air-throwing, among others. Ky is good at everything more of an all-around character than Zato=1, so there’s enormous strategy in managing his shadow, Eddie; Machabo is at a great disadvantage whenever Ogawa starts combined pressure and can only get out with some amazing blocks or is forced to Burst. Ky can dominate neutral however with good pokes and by taking Stun Edge shots at the shadow to take it out of the picture.

It’s Evolution Champion 2016 versus Evolution Champion 2015 in an epic set not to be missed; Ogawa goes on quite the winning streak and it seems like Machabo will fall behind, but he catches up. Check it out below, starting from about the 1 hr 06 min mark.

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