Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition and a potential Switch release teased in its 2017 developer recap

By on January 5, 2018 at 9:30 am
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2017 was a great year for Rivals of Aether. From the conclusion of the first ever Rivals Championship Series at Genesis 4, to releasing three new characters and having a packed year of stellar events, the indie platform fighter has gone from strength to strength. It’s not all been sunshine and rainbows though — as lead developer Dan Fornace detailed his thoughts on how 2017 was for the Rivals team.

With the addition of new characters Ori, Ranno and Clairen, alongside new features like Money Matches and continued community support with event skins, the development team have started to notice the cracks in Rivals of Aether. Xbox One players have had to struggle with delays on updates and new characters, while the relative age of Game Maker Studio 1 means that fixing bugs can be an absolute nightmare when implementing new features. Negativity has also impacted the team, with certain vocal people constantly running the team down whenever they do add something new. When you consider the Rivals team is only composed of five permanent staff, this toxicity is bound to have an effect on productivity.

It’s not doom and gloom by any means — and the openness of the Rivals of Aether team about development issues is refreshing when compared to bigger studios. 2018 is looking promising, with Dan hinting at some of the things (hopefully) coming this year. First off is Rivals of Aether‘s first alternate skin which will launch later this month, followed by the next original character which is set to be revealed in either February or March. Based on a recent poll on Twitter, this character is set to be a snake piloting some kind of mech — Metal Gear anyone?

Rivals’ final guest character is set to arrive in spring, with the team being “90% sure [as to] which character [they] will be creating.” From there, Rivals of Aether is set to get its own Definitive Edition sometime this summer, which contains every DLC character. The team are also hoping to add additional features like Steam Workshop support for custom stages and even characters in the future, as well as rollback netcode.

Finally, the biggest announcement is that the Rivals of Aether team are hoping to launch the game on more platforms in 2018 — with the Nintendo Switch being their main goal. This won’t really happen until the Definitive Edition is complete, but Dan and the team are looking to launch on Nintendo Switch, Mac, and Linux sometime in 2018, if everything goes to plan.

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