X-Kira reveals the Illuminati course of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s “Boss Rush” mode, possible Gill Character Story

By on January 4, 2018 at 9:00 am
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Fresh off of his recent datamining bombs about the rapidly-approaching Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, X-Kira has uploaded a video of him running through the Illuminati course of the supposedly-upcoming Boss Rush mode.

Over the course of the run he takes on Nash, Helen (Kolin in her default attire, without a character portrait), Urien (in both his default and “Easter Egg” attires), Kolin (in her Nostalgic Costume) and… Gill (who, despite currently using Urien’s voice clips and possibly his moveset, lacks a character portrait, and appears to be the model seen in the post-credits stinger of A Shadow Falls, not Urien’s 2017 Halloween costume designed to resemble his brother… though it could just be a Urien utilizing Extra Battle-exclusive abilities to simulate a clash against the President). Also surprisingly, X-Kira utilizes Decapre inside the Underground Arena, perhaps suggesting that the Shadaloo Dolls may be playable in this mode once it becomes available.

X-Kira also mentions that there are at least nine paths to Boss Rush, with the first being against Shadaloo, the second being this one against the Illuminati, a third featuring S.I.N., a fourth going up against Neo Shadaloo, a 6th where we’ll battle civilians (likely including Brazilian police officer Peter…), and a seventh path where we’ll face off with members of Mad Gear, which in-game notably only includes Abigail, for the moment. The contents of the fifth, eighth and ninth paths are currently unknown.

On the subject of Gill’s appearance, X-Kira noted the following: “The script calls the character Gill, but I did a patch to complete the mode. I do not think it’s just a reskin, however the mode leaves Urien reskin naked too, it means Gill will have clothes like Urien and will have the Easter Egg naked…”

Lastly, X-Kira posted a second video showing what appears to be a slot for an eventual Character Story for Gill, appearing in the spot directly underneath Menat’s, after Zeku’s. Though this spot will obviously go to Sakura once AE is officially released, Gill’s tab could certainly be moved into another row when/if it releases. Perhaps these are two indicators that the cult leader could be making an appearance in Season 3, either as part of the rumored second Cinematic Story Mode, or as a Secret Boss in the Street Fighter III Arcade Ladder? You can see both videos below.

Source: X-Kira

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