VesperArcade analyzes Necalli’s new V-Trigger specials & reported balance changes in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on January 4, 2018 at 11:00 am
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We’re now less than two weeks away from the dawn of a new era (for SFV, at least!) with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and VesperArcade continues his analysis videos covering each character’s new V-Triggers and reported balance changes — while we await Capcom’s release of the full changelog. This time, Vesper examines “The Soul Consuming Darkness”: Necalli.

Given that his V-Trigger, Torrent of Power, is arguably one of the most unique — and most powerful — in the entirety of the game, and the title’s only “permanent” Trigger (providing the ancient warrior with a multitude of passive buffs in exchange for merely being locked out of his V-Reversal for the remainder of the round), many were curious about how they would top this with anything close to an enticing alternative.

Fortunately for him, Capcom decided to merely give Necalli access to a pair of new specials tied to his Trigger choice, as opposed to altering or forcing him to give up his powerful transformation. TOP will now grant him access to a new attack known as Clouded Mirror, which can be charged by holding down the heavy buttons to increase the length of his new forward leap — which appears to serve as a way to avoid projectiles, bait throws, and further close the gap on his foes, something that has proved problematic for him in certain match-ups.

His new V-Trigger, Explosion of Power, replaces Clouded Mirror with another new attack, the Heart of Gold, which sees Necalli spit out a short-range fireball that hits five times and is plus on block — seemingly compensating the spirit-consumer for the upcoming loss of his throw loops and knockdown advantage following forward dashes in Season 3. You can see the full video below for more details, and visual demonstrations.

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