Maximilian breaks down the unique properties of Captain Ginyu in Dragon Ball FighterZ

By on January 4, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Captain Ginyu is quite the bizarre character in Dragon Ball FighterZ… having only one unique special on his own, he relies on the rest of the Ginyu Force to do his bidding.

Maximilian sat down to break down the character in a recent video, and explained that the Ginyu Force acts much like Teddie in Persona 4 Arena, where each character is cycled through on a set pattern. However, you have access to two separate moves per character, which makes things more interesting. Also, he talks about his game-changing body swap, which allows him to switch sides with your opponent’s onscreen character. This gives the Ginyu player access to the character swapped with, and their entire moveset — but only allows the unfortunate opponent access to Captain Ginyu and his single special.

Source: Maximilian Dood

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