HapkidoRed shows off the power of meter in latest Geese/Akuma combo video for Tekken 7

By on January 4, 2018 at 8:00 pm
T7 Akuma

The Tekken series has always been known for extravagantly long juggle combos. But, it wasn’t until the addition of Street Fighter V‘s Akuma and Fatal Fury‘s Geese Howard (along with Tekken’s own Eliza) that expendable resources were used to start, and continue, these combos. This comes in the form of a 2D-genre-inspired “Super Meter,” appropriately so considering the source of these two fighting game icons.

HapkidoRed‘s latest combo video shows off some freestyle¬†juggles for the previously-mentioned fan-favorite crossover villains. This is a direct extension of his initial exploration of these characters, and a great example of why meter-using characters are and must be polarized in their options. It’s easy to forget this when you see the life-bar breaking combos from the meter-users, but their damage output and options are much lower without these mechanics. It’s a new way to approach character design and balance in Tekken’s ecosystem, and given the response and frequency of Akuma/Geese combo video submissions here at SRK, it’s one that players respond positively towards!

Source: HapkidoRed

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