Punk and MenaRD to face off as part of the Ultra Fight Night at Kumite in Tennessee 2018

By on January 3, 2018 at 11:30 am
KiT 2017 Punk vs MenaRD

Panda X Gaming have added another great match to the Ultra Fight Night fight card at Kumite in Tennessee, as Capcom Cup 2017 champion RISE|MenaRD is set to face off against Pandal Global’s Punk in a first-to-seven set. These two titans do have a history, with Punk defeating Mena at CEO 2017, followed by Mena firing back with a victory at SCR 2017 — with one of the greatest pop-offs of the year, I might add.

This exhibition fills out an already intense night of competition, with Battle for the Stones champion Cloud805 taking on SonicFox in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, while ForeverKing battles against Semiij in Injustice 2. With KitanaPrime and Yipes on commentary, expect plenty of hype on the mic as these six competitors fight it out.

Kumite in Tennessee 2018 kicks off this Friday, with the Ultra Fight Night happening Saturday evening over on the Panda X Gaming Twitch channel.

Sources: BestOfVShow; Panda X Gaming

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