Learn to defend against Azrael and Tsubaki, BlazBlue’s “gorilla warfare” characters

By on January 3, 2018 at 4:00 pm

New year, new me: me who no longer gets hit by dubious Azrael and Tsubaki mix-ups… or something like that. You know you’ve been salty about those characters at least once. Both of them have solid options in getting past blocking, so having detailed knowledge of their attack patterns is half the battle. Warui Neko-kun offers helpful, thorough videos that show plenty of options on how to deal with Azrael and Tsubaki.

The Azrael video is a bit situational, because many of the “solutions” require a Dragon Punch; either way, the video shows common attack strings and frequently tells the exact number of frames left to input an attack. Furthermore, the video shows pretty optimized Ragna punishes, though you’ll have to find your own for your main.

Tsubaki has wider gaps if she decides to go for her overhead, so it’s pretty feasible to hit her with a counter hit for a solid 4k damage combo. The gap is only very big if 5A preceded the overhead though, so the gap will be much smaller with a 5B. It’s best to anti-air Tsubaki’s new overhead, 22B or 22D. One of the harder things to counter is stagger pressure with her stance charge, 5D.

Study the videos above to arm yourself against the two brutes, and if you’ve been getting beat by Hibiki, Warui Neko-kun has also done a tutorial showing reacting against Hibiki.

Source: Warui Neko-kun

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