Genesis 5 will not utilize Melee’s Universal Controller Fix

By on January 3, 2018 at 10:30 am
genesis 5

It seems you can’t have a major Melee tournament these days without some controversy over controllers. Ahead of Genesis 5 later this month, the Genesis Smash team have declared that the Universal Controller Fix — a mod that allows any controller to consistently perform a dashback or a shield drop — will not be used at the tournament.

While UCF has been used successfully at tournaments like GameTyrant Expo, the mod’s debut at Shine 2017 did have one major blip — a top 8 set between Leffen and ChuDat had to be replayed, as UCF had not been switched on.

In order to lay out the reasoning as to why UCF is not being used, as well as to explain “the future of GameCube controllers,” MIOM is planning to host a special livestream ahead of Genesis 5 which should put player concerns to rest. With B0xx creator Hax and Competition Committee member TheCrimsonBlur set to appear on this stream, expect clarification on issues like Smash Box-style controllers, Arduinos, and other hot-button issues.

Source: Genesis_Smash

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