Watch high level Japanese play in Shudy Jinlee’s character-locked 3v3 tournament for Tekken 7

By on December 31, 2017 at 10:10 am
tekken 7 t7 kazumi ready

Namco Sugamo is a Tokyo arcade, home to a large Tekken-themed museum — indicative of the scene it supports. It has played host to the Mastercup series, Tekken Global qualifying events, and more throughout the years. It’s also the home of SHUDY_JINLEE, a world class player and broadcaster for the Japanese scene.

One of the more interesting regular events that SHUDY_JINLEE runs are character lock events, occasionally forcing players in attendance to all play the same character for a tournament. Since these events are comprised of top Japanese players such as Nero, Ao, Furumizu and more, you get to see some surprising play a character knowledge from these events you wouldn’t otherwise.

The same is true here in today’s 3v3 team tournament: each team is regimented to a single character for all three players. Watch the tournament to see which team, and character, is able to take it all: and you might want to leave your perceptions about tiers at the door.


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