Catch up on a year’s worth of competitive Project M, with reslived’s 2017 review

By on December 31, 2017 at 11:00 am
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Following up from his review for 2016, reslived has returned to sum up another year’s worth of high quality Project M play. With Junebug and Lunchables retiring from the PM scene, much of the action in 2017 centered around the new top three, ThundeRzReign, Sosa and Malachi.

The Project M Championship Circuit returned for 2017, assuring a steady stream of tournaments where players could strut their stuff. A new class of player started to emerge in 2017, with players like Switch, Hyperflame, Fuzz and Flipp threatening the dominance of the top three at several events.

True to his name, ThundeRzReign still reigns supreme, having won two of three events where the top three were in attendance. His Losers’ run at The Bigger Balc stands as the greatest tournament run in Project M history, where the SoCal DK managed to beat Hyperflame, Sosa, Fuzz, Switch and Flipp — to win the entire event. At the final PM major of the year, ThundeRz triumphed over both Sosa and Malachi, even defeating Malachi 3-0 in the final set of Grand Finals.

The PM community is still showing signs of growth — both in terms of its meta and its community — so expect reslived’s 2018 recap to be even better.

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