World Warrior demonstrates fake side-switch set-up for Street Fighter V’s Ken

By on December 30, 2017 at 12:00 pm
sfv ken flaming feet win

Side-switch resets are common place in Street Fighter V. While the ability to force a “which-way-do-I-block?” situation is fine, you need something equally invisible to mix it up with. If you’re employing tech like this, after all, you’re likely playing at a level where the average player knows about cross-under mix-ups.

In World Warrior FGC‘s latest video he demonstrates the power of exactly the sort of mix-up you need to make these cross-unders work: a fake side-switch cross-under. Discovered originally by JonesArcade, this setup turns Ken’s EX Tatsu into a pure coin-flip on hit. Time the Tatsu at the apex of the jump and your standing light kick will go the wrong direction, putting you back on the same side you were originally on.

Sources: JonesArcadeWorld Warrior FGC

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