Catch up on Under Night In Birth EXE:Late[st]’s 2017 tournament scene with this year-end wrap up by Juushichi

By on December 30, 2017 at 11:00 am

Have you enjoyed French Bread’s Under Night In Birth EXE:Late[st] from afar, and wanted to get to know the game’s scene better? While our own writer Jon ‘Jazz’ Metoyer has covered UNIST abroad, you may be left wondering what the game’s fate is in the states: in that case, UNIST enthusiast Juushichi has you covered.

Juushichi has put together an excellent year end review of the UNIST scene’s 2017, which you can read here. This detailed write up documents the tournament scene’s progression and players, major announcements, and what we know about UNIST for 2018. He’s also documented character usage across top placements at UNIST majors and compiled VOD links of several top 8s.

If the hype from these tournaments has you stoked for its 2018 American and European release, you’ll likely want to check out the UNIST Discord to meet new players in the community. if you do, give Juushichi a nod for putting all this data together!

Source: Juushichi

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