Kick your Abigail play up a notch with these top Street Fighter V tips from Infexious

By on December 29, 2017 at 1:00 pm
Abigail Street Fighter V

Thanks to the work of players like StormKubo, THE COOL KID93 and Infexious, more people have been seeing the potential of the Mad Gear motorhead, Abigail. With Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on the way and no doubt some new players taking Abigail for a spin, top UK Abigail xL|Infexious has put together a short video, giving players some top tips for learning this mountain of a man.

Despite his size, Abigail has multiple ways of approaching his opponent, whether it’s via his Nitro Charge run, his Giant Flip, his jump, dash or his grounded roll. Mixing up these options and conditioning your opponent into expecting a particular approach is key to playing Abigail, as it only takes one opening to wipe out most of your opponent’s health bar.

You will need to spending some time in Training Mode to maximize Abigail’s damage though, as his combos are quite tricky to pull off — especially when in V-Trigger. Infexious advises that you prioritize learning one V-Trigger combo and a handful of setups, so you can make the most of any gap in your opponent’s defenses.

Finally, Infexious imparts the importance of match-up knowledge when playing Abigail. As the largest character in Street Fighter V, Abigail has real trouble dealing with projectile-heavy characters like Dhalsim and F.A.N.G. However, his plethora of command normals and specials mean that he does have the tools to fight against these characters, provided you have done your homework.

Source: exceL Esports

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