Burning to fight: The King of Fighters XIV tournament action from The Last Battle, Las Vegas Championship, and more!

By on December 29, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Fierce fights rage on across the world in The King of Fighters XIV!

The King of Fighters XIV continues to draw competitors to events all over the globe. Here’s just a glimpse of the serious fights going down out there!

ItzROMANCE presents: The Las Vegas Championship 2017:

Watch King of Fighters Las Vegas 2017 from ItzROMANCE on www.twitch.tv

ADLL VI’s The King of Fighters XIV top 8:

Watch KOF XIV TOP 8 from Maicolpipen on www.twitch.tv

There’s so much great stuff to see in this KOFXIV footage from The Last Battle!

You can see some KOF action from the Great White North at TorontoTopTiers’ Final Impact event (as well as many other titles, including some fiery Samurai Shodown V Special preceding the KOFXIV fights):

Check out ~HAYASHI~ from Fukuoka, Japan…

… Or head to China for WELL’s KOFXIV top 8:

Gatoray has, naturally, been keeping up with the Tokyo Nishinippori Game Spot KOFXIV events. Get caught up below:

KOF fans will want to keep an eye on Evo Japan as well; as the event has quite a sizable — and diverse — turnout for The King of Fighters XIV!

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