perfectfaro shows off Menat’s mid-screen combo potential for Street Fighter V

By on December 28, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Some of the most involved and intricate combos in Street Fighter V belong to Rose’s apprentice, Menat. This is thanks to her V-Trigger, Wisdom of Thoth, a crucial aspect of Menat’s moveset for advanced play.

Menat’s high-resource, high-reward playstyle means it’s all the more important to fully cash out on your combo damage when the opportunity presents itself. With the right effort, the extent of your rewards can be pretty crazy: as perfectfaro shows in this video, Menat gets insane damage off of Crush Counters, particularly if she’s already in V-Trigger. With an air throw and a lot of execution, she can stun the 900-point stun meter of Cammy, or simply chose to go straight into super, if it’s available.

Source: perfectfaro

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