“People Playing Games” podcast interviews FGC videographer Esteban Martinez

By on December 28, 2017 at 3:00 pm
people playing games

The kid version of esports videographer Esteban Martinez made anime music videos on Windows Movie Maker. He probably didn’t think it would lead to anything — he just made what he liked. Years later, he’s worked as a videographer for the Tekken World Tour, Capcom Cup, and has just started a partnership with Danny O’Dwyer’s NoClip to produce an FGC documentary.  You never know where your passions will take you.

That’s the over-arching lesson of Esteban’s story in his latest interview on the People Playing Games podcast. Hosted by Mike Andronico, People Playing Games allows members of the gaming industry to share their stories and insight with the world. This is far from the only time they’ve talked with members of the FGC: check out their playlist for interviews with Jake “Mustard” Neal, Michael Martin, and more here.

Source: People Playing Games

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