Fighters Generation shares combos from the Fighting EX Layer beta for Allen, Kairi, and Skullomania

By on December 28, 2017 at 4:00 pm

ARIKA’s Fighting EX Layer beta may be gone for now, but it has left the community with a distinct idea of what the storied Japanese developer has been building up to. With only a short time to explore the game’s beta, Fighters Generation was among to the many excited EX series fans to jump in and capture footage.

Fighters Generation’s focus was not finding infinites — of which there were plenty already acknowledged by ARIKA going in — but to find tech and combos representative of ARIKA’s current direction. In that light, this combo video is a great intro to anyone that missed the beta. Check out the video above for insight into the playstyles, combos, and tricks that make Fighting EX Layer such an anticipated game for many.

Source: Fighters Generation

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