New DLC character for The King of Fighters XIV playable at SNK’s Evo Japan booth next month

By on December 27, 2017 at 3:00 pm

SNK announced that a new playable DLC character would be available for the first time at their booth at next month’s Evo Japan, in a new “Version 3.0” build of the game. The free event will be held in Ikebukuro on January 26th and 27th. Most interestingly was the inclusion of a Joker playing card graphic, indicating that this will not be the Saudi Arabian female fighter contest-winning design, (which will also include a new Masmak Fort stage) we reported on previously, but an additional new challenger set to enter the fray.


Though no further details were given, the fact this update is being labeled “Version 3.0” could suggest a new wave of balance changes — and perhaps even more exciting content could be on the horizon in 2018. You can see the announcement tweet below, along with some examples of what Oswald and Ash — possible contenders for returning characters, considering the Joker card — were capable of in past installments.

Evo Japan takes place January 26th – 28th in Tokyo.

Sources: SNKPofficial (Twitter); KoopaKoot; majijam; Saiki Crimson

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