ARIKA plan for D. Dark to be playable at Evo Japan

By on December 27, 2017 at 2:00 pm
arika doctrine dark teaser

Ready for some more Fighting EX Layer? Well, if you’re lucky enough to attend Evo Japan next month, ARIKA plan to be there in full force, complete with a new build of FEXL. Should all go to plan, they are hoping to have the vengeful mercenary Doctrine Dark playable as part of this new build.

To tease his (potential) appearance at Evo Japan, ARIKA uploaded an image of D. Dark on the pre-match loading screen along with his opponent, the recently teased Blair Dame just out of frame. Before you get your hopes up, ARIKA have stated that Blair will not be ready in time for Evo Japan, so don’t expect to be throwing out any Lightning Knees until later this year.


With the positive reception to the Fighting EX Layer beta, let’s hope ARIKA have news regarding a potential release date or a possible second beta test after Evo Japan.

Source: ARIKA EX

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