Check out these anti-big-body wall combos for Tekken 7’s Leo

By on December 26, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Sometimes, it might not seem worth it to learn a character-specific combo in a fighting game. It’s easy to think “Oh, I probably won’t run into the Bears, anyway.”

When you do that, two things happen. Number one, you ignore the existence of popular tournament pick Jack-7, who also has an oddly-shaped hurtbox that can potentially mess up standard combos. Number two — and perhaps more importantly — you might be giving up big, easy damage.

Such is the case with Scallywag 93‘s Leo wall combo. This series does good damage and converts off of a wide variety of wall heights, making its inclusion in your Leo arsenal worth the time and effort spent learning it.

Source: Scallywag 93

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