Learn the strength of Shinobi Shirase in this Fighting EX Layer combo guide

By on December 23, 2017 at 1:00 pm

As we near the end of the Fighting EX Layer beta run, we have seen a number of different play-styles arrive for different players and characters. One of the more aggressive strategies to arise from the beta stems from the ‘Shinobi’ Gougi, which most notably allows players to turn invisible while dashing.

Pichy‘s latest combo video not only teaches you various combo routes and how they work, but demonstrate the power of Shirase’s use of Shinobi. Because of Shirase’s various cancels, overhead/low mixups and command grab, this mobile grappler has a powerful synergy with this Gougi, and it’s worth exploring its setups while you still can.

Source: Pichy and Pals

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