DeadAce provides us with a compilation of reported Street Fighter V Arcade Edition changes from PlayStation Experience

By on December 23, 2017 at 12:00 pm

While many players were focused on the fierce competition and massive Season 3 reveals at Capcom Cup earlier this month, several of the top players in attendance also had the chance to test out the new V-Triggers, specials and even some balance changes, that will be coming in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Though this was a special build, created solely for demonstration at this event — meaning any changes found within it are NOT final — that didn’t stop a myriad of character specialists from taking to social media to share news, both good and bad, about their favorite fighters.

Compiling posts from the likes of Ricki Ortiz, LPN, Alex Meyers, Nemo, Mago, Kyle P and others, DeadAceBS has compiled a list of the known changes for Ibuki, Karin, Vega, Akuma, Chun-Li, Laura, M. Bison, Balrog, Juri, Ryu, Zangief, Urien and Cammy. Throws also appear to be universally nerfed across the entire cast, with throw loops being entirely removed.

Most characters now lose knockdown advantage, after landing a forward throw and dashing up, and all command grabs will supposedly have an extra 15 to 20 frames of whiff recovery. You can see all gathered info in the video below, but keep in mind that’s all still subject to change, as full official, patch notes for Season 3 have not yet been released by Capcom.

What do you think about these changes? Do you think Capcom is heading in the right direction if most of these stick, or do you hope some are dialed back before January? Let us know your feelings in the comments below.

Source: DeadAceBS

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