Check out new Ruby and Weiss gameplay in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle from the latest Arc Nama stream; game to be playable at Evo Japan

By on December 23, 2017 at 10:00 am

While last week’s Arc Nama stream was mainly focused on the announcement that BlazBlue’s Iron Tager, Makoto Nanaya, Nu-13 and Es would be joining BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle‘s roster, Toshimichi Mori and his co-hosts showed off some new gameplay footage of a pair of fighters we haven’t seen that much of overall, Team RWBY’s Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee.

In the quick snippet of gameplay, uploaded by Jourdal, we can see some of Ruby’s Smart Combos and Command Teleports that utilize her Speed Semblance. She has a new special move, where she shifts Crescent Rose into its sniper form, before firing off a single, quick projectile. We also get to finally see her second Distortion Skill, Petal Dance, which is a direct reference to the “Red” trailer.

Looking even more complete than when we saw her last month, Weiss will have quite the range on her normals thanks to Myrtenaster’s length, along with graceful swordplay and usage of her Glpyh Semblance. She can also freeze her foes with Ice Dust, setting up safe Assist calls and combo extensions. Her first Distortion Skill is a rushing attack that is a reference to her battle with a White Fang Lieutenant from Chapter Eleven of Volume Two, “No Breaks.” We even get a peak at her idle animation, where Weiss takes a second to check her nails in a very fitting moment.

Lastly, we get another glimpse at the increased health totals, as the Investigation Team’s Yu Narukami and Yosuke Hanamura are able to endure much more of the girl’s punishment. It was also revealed that, like with Toushinsai back in October, ASW will be bringing a playable build of the game to next month’s Evo Japan. Perhaps we’ll finally see who’s hiding behind those “ETC” slots?

Source: Jourdal

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