ARMS will have a special New Year’s Party Crash event

By on December 23, 2017 at 5:00 pm

One unique thing with Nintendo’s ARMS is the regular Party Crash events that the company holds for its online players. This is a time limited event that replaces the regular party match option in online play.

Now, with the New Year upon us, Nintendo is planning to celebrate with a Party Crash event set for the New Year’s weekend. From December 30 to January 2, there will be a special Party Crash event called “That’s a Wrap”. This event pits Twintelle versus Master Mummy.

Players who participate in this event, can earn both in game cash and points towards in-game badges. Those who use either of the featured characters, or any of the featured ARMS (which change every 15 minutes) will receive a 1.5x bonus towards the points they earn.

Source: r/ARMS via Siliconera

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