The mysterious Dr. Coyle joins the ARMS roster in its final major content update

By on December 22, 2017 at 9:30 am
ARMS Dr Coyle

Capping off their series of free content updates, the stretchy-limbed fighter ARMS is getting one final character, and a new stage as part of its Version 5.0 update. Along with the [NAME REDACTED] stage, players can now fight as the mysterious director of the ARMS laboratory, Dr. Coyle.

The scientist behind both Springtron and Helix, Dr. Coyle hopes to put all the data she has gathered into action, in becoming the top fighter on the ARMS Grand Prix. Not only can she conjure a third arm by charging her punch up, she can briefly turn invisible to surprise her opponent. Along with a ice nunchaku ARM and an electric parasol ARM, her main weapon is based on Hedlok – the evil multi-armed robot of her own creation. With this ARM, she can fire off a deadly energy orb which explodes on impact.

While Nintendo plan to release additional balance updates in the future, Version 5.0 is the final major content update for ARMS. There are still plans for regular Party Crash events to keep players interested — so don’t hang up your gloves just yet! ARMS is also having its first major tournament at Evo Japan next month, so tune in to see the world’s best virtual pugilists fight it out.

You can read the full version 5.0 patch notes right here.

Source: Nintendo

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