Encore shows how to keep Street Fighter V’s Abigail honest in latest “Gimmick Busters” episode

By on December 22, 2017 at 8:00 pm
Abigail SFV Cry Art

Gimmicks. When applied to fighting games, “gimmick” is a vague but useful term to describe moves that seem hard to defend against or beat. Gimmicks have (sometimes not obvious) weaknesses, though, and it’s typically an on-reaction application of knowledge that removes the usefulness of the move completely.

Encore‘s “Gimmick Busters” series aims to prepare you for these knowledge checks, and its most recent tutorial tackles the car-obsessed Abigail in Street Fighter V. “Gimmick Busters” arms you with the knowledge to stop rowdy, random Nitro Runs and stay safe in the neutral, and it’s valuable information for anyone struggling in the Abigail match-up.

Source: Encore

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