Check out all the legends attending Cooperation Cup 16 with its official team list

By on December 22, 2017 at 10:30 am
Coop Cup 16

With the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Cooperation Cup 16 just over two weeks away, we finally have the full team roster for this year’s event, and this one is set to be a doozy. Along with teams from all over Japan, there are a few international teams in the running this year — mainly from the US and the UK.

You’ve also got several 3rd Strike legends attending this event, with players like Genki, Kokujin, RX, Dirty ♪, Ruu and YSB all in attendance, alongside the likes of Haitani, Daigo, MOV, Onuki and even Kuroda. 9road is looking like the group to beat at the moment, as it’s got Vanao, Daigo, MOV, Haitani and Kuroda all on a single team.

The team list also comes with a complete character breakdown, ordering characters from most to least popular. Ken is the most commonly-picked fighter with 77 people registered to play as the blonde-haired shoto. Next up is Chun-Li with 62, and then Urien’s in third with 48. As for the bottom of the list, Sean is dead last with only two people down to play as the Brazilian martial artist.

As well as Cooperation Cup, this list also has all the teams for Pre-Cooperation Cup as well — perfect for anyone trying to learn a specific character ahead of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection! Cooperation Cup 16 will be streamed live from Japan on Sunday 7th January, with GameNewton providing both English and Japanese commentary.


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