The Icons: Combat Arena closed beta begins this month, with additional invites rolling out in January 2018

By on December 21, 2017 at 10:00 am
Icons closed beta

Since its official title reveal back at this year’s Evo, people have been clamoring to get into the closed beta for Icons: Combat Arena. You won’t have to wait too much longer, as the closed beta is starting later this month for those who have play-tested the game at events like Genesis 4, Super Smash Con and Twitchcon.

500 invites will be sent out later this month, with the first wave of sign-up invites going out in January 2018. Wavedash Games are planning to release a steady flow of invites from January onward, gradually increasing the size of the closed beta test pool. This first round of beta testing is limited to North America for now — Wavedash will expand the Icons closed beta to Europe and beyond later in 2018.

So far, five of Icons’ starting eight characters have been shown off — the Duo, the Floaty and the Weapon Fighter have yet to be officially revealed. According to the dev vlog linked below, the Duo character is the next fighter to be revealed, with their name being Afi and Galu. Based on some of the concept art seen in this 2017 recap video, the Weapon Fighter looks to wield a glaive/halberd-style weapon.

Source: Wavedash Games

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