PHASE SHIFT: Pokkén Tournament Trainer Tips — Bone Rush, block stun, and option selects

By on December 18, 2017 at 1:00 pm
PHASE SHIFT title card pokken

Welcome to Phase Shift!

The goal of “PHASE SHIFT: Pokkén Tournament Trainer Tips” is to introduce the FGC to Pokkén Tournament DX’s meta, and examine how various skills from other games can be applied to Nintendo’s experimental Pokémon fighter.

Today, through the use of Lucario’s “Bone Rush, we learn about block stun, buffering, and option selects. “Bone Rush” is input with 6A, and for many characters this is a primary combo ender or attacking option. Lucario’s, in particular, has a multitude of options afterwards — but we can exploit Pokkén’s system to reduce the complexity of this move.

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