New SoulCalibur VI footage from Namco press event reveals 20-slot character select screen & while-landing moves

By on December 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm
sc6 character select demo

Namco held a press-only event for multiple titles last week, and one of those titles was indeed the recently-announced SoulCalibur VI.

While there’s a lot of footage coming out now from the event (which we’ve gathered below), most of the gameplay isn’t of a high-enough level to reveal much to the eagle-eyed FGC. There is, however, one notable exception:

In the above Mitsurugi-centric footage, at 1:31, Mitsurugi performs what is very obviously his old “while-landing B.” While-landing moves, which are executed by jumping first and then attacking, have been a missing mechanic in the SoulCalibur series since their removal SoulCalibur IV. This will likely excite fans of SCII and III, since many characters had strong mid/low mix-ups from their while-landing attacks.

To everyone else, the most exciting bit of information was the first glimpse at SCVI’s character select screen.

SoulCalibur VI‘s first character select screen sports 20 slots — the smallest amount since SoulCalibur I. However, this is only true if we consider that the slots won’t be expanded in someway either over time or post release; SC1 starts with only 10 characters, for example, before more characters were unlocked. The Calibur series has forced players to unlock characters for years now (and I only say the following because it’s the world we live in now: there’s also the strong possibility of DLC), so it’s probably more helpful to say that SCVI will have at least 20 characters at launch.

sc6 character select demo

SCV ultimately had 30 character slots (including DLC and “random” slots like Elysium) when all was said in done, SCIV had 29 excluding the duplicate bonus characters, and SCIII had 41 including the unique custom move-sets (that were mostly inferior to main cast in terms of damage and completeness). As SCVI moves forward with revelations and information, it’s useful to keep these numbers in mind for contrast.

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