Dragon Ball FighterZ’s developers talk esports, control schemes and more in these 4Gamer interviews

By on December 16, 2017 at 2:00 pm
DBFZ Beerus and Whis

We’re going through another Dragon Ball FighterZ information blowout at the moment, with Jump Festa currently happening in Japan and the game’s launch just over a month away. From picking potential fighters to a discussion about DBFZ’s core systems, these 4Gamer interviews covers some of the changes that have been made to the game’s engine since the closed beta. Originally in Japanese, thanks must go to HiagoXYZ on Twitter for translating these interviews into English.

Responding to the feedback from the beta, Arc System Works have upped the amount of damage that combos do. At present, you can “deal about 30~40% of a character’s HP in a single combo using no meter.” When you add in supers mid-combo, players can do “at least 50% damage” from a single exchange, with Arc System Works trying to balance DBFZ at around “2 combos per character kill.” With Level 3 Sparking Blast activated, a Level 3 super should do around 70% damage at the very least. The interview also revealed that while in Sparking Blast, holding down the Vanish button will have you teleport behind the opponent without doing a kick — giving you new ways to surprise the enemy.

Previous Arc System Works games have added in a Simplified control scheme so brand new players can jump in straight away and start doing cool-looking combos. Seeing as Dragon Ball FighterZ has a simple control scheme to begin with, there will be no alternative control scheme in the full release. You’ll of course be able to remap buttons and so forth, but there’s no set simple control method. Speaking of remapping and changing things, this interview has confirmed that characters will only have “a single assist skill”, rather than selectable assists like in Marvel or Skullgirls.

As is the case with any big fighting game nowadays, the esports potential of Dragon Ball FighterZ was asked about. While the team have of course entertained the idea, producer Tomoko Hiroki stated that the team are”fully focused on the game’s development and haven’t bothered putting effort on that yet.” The team “wanted to concentrate [on] developing a game everyone can acknowledge as a competitive one,” rather than going in with their sights set on DBFZ being the next major esport.

The interviews go into more detail about creating interesting fighting game characters from Dragon Ball’s rich history, designing a game that’s fun to both watch and play, as well as some hints about the game’s Story Mode.

Source: 4Gamer via HiagoXYZ

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