Bullet hell, anime fighters, and the Smash series: Earth Romancer’s developer discusses the game’s influences

By on December 14, 2017 at 11:00 am
Earth Romancer Keegan

As it enters the next stage of its Fig campaign, Earth Romancer‘s sole developer Thomas “BlankMauser” Luvan has released a short interview, talking about his goals with Earth Romancer. With it taking inspiration from multiple genres — not just from other fighting games — Luvan is hoping that Earth Romancer will be a true evolution of the platform fighter, rather than just it iterating on Super Smash Bros. Melee or Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Based on the complexity of its systems, Earth Romancer is clearly aimed to please the hardcore competitive crowd. While other fighting games are pursuing accessibility with mixed results, Luvan is aiming to provide a huge creative sandbox that players can go wild experimenting in. It should still have the “pick up and play” feel that Smash has, while also providing that mechanical depth for dedicated players to immerse themselves in. The ultimate goal of Earth Romancer is “helping people understand the joy of playing a complex fighter.”

While some may have been turned off by the initial two character designs, not all of Earth Romancer‘s cast is made up of anthropomorphized animals. The full game will feature solar-powered cyborgs, water valkyries, rabbit time lords and even a space pirate boxing champion — so there’s something for everyone. When you also consider each character has two movesets thanks to Earth Romancer‘s Red and Blueshift system, platform fighter fans have got plenty to sink their teeth into, should Earth Romancer be funded successfully.

If you wish to hear the whole developer interview, check out the video below. Along with Luvan explaining more about the game (and showing off some never before seen characters), it has brief interviews with GRAPHT’s Gllty and famed Melee commentator prog about Earth Romancer‘s potential.

Source: Lunar Hare Studios

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