ZOWIE FIGHTER will hold its 2017 Street Fighter V finals in Taiwan on December 16

By on December 13, 2017 at 3:00 pm
zowie fighter finals

ZOWIE’s series of Street Fighter V clashes will come to its conclusion in Taipei, Taiwan.

ZOWIE’s circuit of local Street Fighter V events have led up to this: the ZOWIE FIGHTER STREET FIGHTER V FINALS in Taipei, Taiwan, to be held on December 16, 2017. So, who’s on the fight card for ZOWIE’s own SFV throwdown? Have a look:

?? Brook|WildTaiwanese
?? CarzyDog
?? FightClub|UD
?? Liquid|NuckleDu
?? Pnoy
?? OG Shine
?? epsilon|Linkexelo
?? nV|Nassim-Claw
?? nV|Mr. Crimson
?? Method|Packz
?? xL|Infexious
?? xL|Brian
?? Tachikawa
?? PONOS|Moke
?? NL
?? Leslie

The finals start at noon, Dec. 16, local time — 4:00 PM PT, Dec. 15th. Interested in checking out the action? The fights will be streamed on Twitch: for Chinese (with commentary by Firemanruby and GamerBee) go to TWFighter, while for English (with commentary by Damascus, Shoryusengan, and Tyrant) head over to ZOWIEFighter.

Language barrier aside, for more information you can have a look at ZOWIE’s event page, or at their Facebook page.


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