SoulCalibur VI is a callback to SoulCalibur II and an improvement over V, says producer in extended interview

By on December 11, 2017 at 2:00 pm

After an exciting announcement and two SoulCalibur VI trailers, we can finally get a longer look at the game itself; though we’ve seen snippets of Mitsurugi versus Sophitia, we haven’t had a chance to see live gameplay. So, it’s all the more exciting to see a 10-minute interview with producer Motohiro Okubo that displays plenty of live gameplay.

There’s one sentence in particular from later on in the interview that should really please venerated fans of the series:

SoulCalibur is definitely going to feel very familiar for those who have played and experienced the franchise in the past. And going into a little more depth, what we wanted to recreate was some of that fast responsiveness that you would see in SoulCalibur II, as well as what we believe is kind of the completed form of balance in character interactions and mechanics that you saw in SoulCalibur V.

We also hear a better explanation of the Reversal Edge mechanic, which first involves parrying and counter-attacking, and then forces a rock-paper-scissor game of sorts. Characters can pick from a horizontal or vertical attack or a dodge. The initial parries work on high, mid, and low attacks. It’s also good to see that Guard Impacts seem to be back in their more traditional form (though Misturugi tries many times, he hasn’t properly landed any Guard Impacts. But it appears that they don’t cost meter, like in V.)

Overall, there’s many gameplay elements show, and the the interview gives a lot of insight into the ongoing development of the game, which is slated for sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. Check it out below:

Source: PlayStation

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