AutoMattock starts “Zeku Survival Guide” tutorial series for Street Fighter V

By on December 9, 2017 at 4:00 pm
sfv zeku young strider smash akuma

There’s few players, if any, pushing the Zeku meta quite in the way AutoMattock has. You may have seen AutoMattock’s numerous mixup and safe jump setups, but were daunted to jump into the ex-Bushinryu Master’s gameplay without knowing his fundamentals.

Well, that’s where AutoMattock’s Survival Guide comes into play. Covering both Old and New forms, AutoMattock’s new series is something of a ‘Zeku Bible’ for new players to efficiently learn the character from. This is the first part of what will prove to be a long and informative series, covering Throws, Anti-Airs, and winning the neutral.

Source: AutoMattock

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