“The Deadly Alliance” wreaks havoc in Psychoblue’s SFXT 2013 combo video for M. Bison and Heihachi

By on December 8, 2017 at 7:00 pm

It’s been quite the year for Evo 2017 Street Fighter X Tekken (version 2013) Champion Aaron “Psychoblue” Pinsky. In addition to hitting his professional stride outside of the game, he was able to unseat one of the strongest SFXT players on the planet, Esuta, ending his three-year, consecutive reign as the king (pun intended) of the 2D crossover fighter, in addition to winning six additional tournaments this year, he was also interviewed by Red Bull for a feature article on their website, as part of their “Mind Games” series. Though SFXT has certainly faded from the limelight these days, it still holds an extremely passionate community of players who bring the game to events for side tournaments whenever they can.

In order to celebrate this wave of success — and test out his freshly-upgraded PC — he’s created his first combo video, “The Deadly Alliance,” focusing on his signature team of M. Bison and Heihachi and utilizing the Meter Gems preset, which has become a favorite among competitive players in version 2013.

You’ll see the dirtiness of the Dictator’s cross-up J. HP, full corner-carry combos, stylish Rising Uppercut juggles, raw launcher setups to beat wake-up reversals, including Dragon Punches, and, of course, practical-yet-fancy Pandora sequences for each warrior.

To close things out, Psychoblue acknowledges some of the friends and rivals that helped him reach this point, by spotlighting their teams, in their signature colors and costumes. You can catch all the action below. (Be warned, the song used does contain a bit of NSFW language.)

Do you have any fond memories of this crossover battle? Perhaps you still play it to this very day? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

Source: PsychoblueSFXT

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