SoulCalibur VI features a new “Reversal Edge” mechanic

By on December 8, 2017 at 8:16 am
SCVI Reversal Edge

I’m sure everyone’s soul is still burning after last night’s SoulCalibur VI‘s reveal at the Game Awards. Now that the dust has settled, Bandai Namco have let slip some additional details on their fabled weapon fighter.

If you watched the trailer carefully, you’ll notice there were points where Sophitia’s and Mitsurugi’s weapons were wreathed in red lightning, which allowed them to perform Guard Impact-esque parries and then a powerful counter-attack. This is the new Reversal Edge mechanic which — according to Bandai Namco — allows players to “defend against the opponent’s attack and directly counter with a powerful strike highlighted through a dynamic camera.”

This can be seen in the trailer when Mitsurugi parries an attack by Sophitia, and then unleashes a powered-up two-handed slash in response. The SoulCalibur team have clearly been inspired by Tekken 7’s slow-mo moments, and are putting their own take on it with the Reversal Edge system.

Sophitia is able to parry multiple attacks from Mitsurugi before performing the Reversal Edge counter-strike — suggesting that Reversal Edge is tied to a meter that will allow you to enter this defensive state for a certain amount of time. It’s unknown as this time if the Reversal Edge state has characters auto-parrying oncoming attacks, and whether you can exit out of this state without performing the counter-attack.

We’ve also got confirmation that SoulCalibur VI is acting as a soft reboot of the series, with the game “revisit[ing] events from the original Soul Calibur to uncover hidden secrets.” Seeing as Sophitia was dead in SoulCalibur V and the trailer showed off a young looking Mitsurugi, it makes sense that SCVI would be a prequel of some sort. More characters are set to be announced in the coming months, with the roster being comprised of “fan-favorites and some fierce newcomers.”

Sources: PlayStation; Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

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