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By on December 8, 2017 at 7:00 pm
MvCI Battle for the Stones

This weekend Capcom brings to you Battle for the Stones, a special Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite event where the rules are meant to be broken. Sixteen players will make up the bracket: the seven Marvel vs. Capcom 3 champions Viscant, Filipino Champ, Flocker, Justin Wong, Kane Blueriver, Chris G, and RyanLV; the six Infinite Stone Tournament qualifiers Sacktap (Space), Richard Nguyen (Soul), Kazunoko (Time), Cloud805 (Power), Teemo (Mind) and Brian Kasugano (Reality); and three online qualifier winners Alioune, Moise and Stealth.

The twist of the Battle for the Stones are the Infinity Stones; which grant the wielders the ability to bend tournament rules into their favor. Losing a match while holding a stone will pass it to the winner. The Infinity Stones can only be used one time per stone bear, and a player cannot use two stones within a single set.

  • Space Stone – Allows the Stone Bearer to swap their position in the bracket, and face a different opponent! The position must be in an equal place in the tournament.
  • Soul Stone – Allows the Stone Bearer to erase one of their losses in a 3 out of 5 set.
  • Time Stone – Allows the Stone Bearer to cease the flow of time, enabling them to negate the use of an opponent’s Stone Bearer power any time during the tournament for one match!
  • Power Stone – Allows for the Stone Bearer to land the first hit in a match, giving them a guaranteed life advantage over their opponent by executing the first combo of a match.
  • Mind Stone – Allows the Stone Bearer to control their opponent’s mind by choosing both of their characters and Infinity Stone.
  • Reality Stone – Grants the Stone Bearer the ability to alter reality by swapping three button functions in their opponent’s control configuration.

Who will claim the six stones and the Infinity Gauntlet trophy? Watch the battle go down on the Battle for the Stone channel on Twitch and follow the brackets live on

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

1. FORT|Cloud805 (Soul-Zero/Dante, Mind-Hulk/Black Panther)
2. EG|NYChrisG(Space-Morrigan/Monster Hunter)
3. Splyce|RyanLV (Reality-Morrigan/Chun-Li, Mind-Hulk/Black Panther)
4. Stealth (Soul-Zero/Dante)
5. RISE|Richard Nguyen (Soul-Dante/Strider Hiryu)
5. FOX|JWong (Reality-Nova/Ultron)
7. Flocker (Soul-Zero/X)
7. Moise (Reality-Nova/Ghost Rider)

9. Splyce|Fchamp (Space-Dormammu/Ultron)
9. Teemo (Space-Dormammu/Nova)
9. GGP|Kazunoko (Reality-Dormammu/Ultron)
9. Sacktap (Reality-Nemesis/Haggar, Time-Captain America/Arthur)
13. Viscant (Reality-, Space-Haggar/Nova)
13. Kane Blueriver (Soul-Haggar/Dante)
13. Brian Kasugano (Reality-Gamora/Thanos)
13. Alioune (Space-Dante/Dormammu)

Match Log

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