World Warrior shares anti-V-Reversal option selects with Ryu’s parry in Street Fighter V

By on December 7, 2017 at 2:00 pm
sfv ryu parry

The V-Reversals in Street Fighter V were basically designed to score breathing room when your opponent’s pressure proved too much for your defense. This universal panic option has a notable flaw, however: a screen-freezing, input-eating cinematic flash.

Whether intentional design or not, this brief pause allows characters like (the much-maligned) Ryu to easily bait out panic V-Reversals. Ryu’s V-Skill — the “Mind’s Eye” parry — can be buffered into his block-strings to ensure that it’ll only come out in response to a V-Reversal. Check out World Warrior FGC‘s latest video above to see plenty of examples of this powerful and safe option select!

Source: World Warrior FGC

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