Soul Calibur VI rumors continue to swirl ahead of tonight’s Game Awards

By on December 7, 2017 at 1:30 pm

Will it soon be time to return to the Stage of History? Over the past few months, a myriad of rumors and leaks have been springing up for several different fighting games… including the highly-anticipated, yet currently-unconfirmed sixth entry in Bandai Namco Entertainment’s beloved Tale of Souls and Swords.

After the 20th Anniversary only provided us with a historical retrospective on the franchise, many likely felt that the series may have perhaps been lost to time, but for those of whose Souls still burned brightly, a leaker by the name of DasVergeben began making posts on both reddit and 8WayRun that have been hinting to the game being announced sometime this month.

Top French Soul Calibur player Hayate made a video discussing all of the current news and rumors (corroborated with tidbits from his own personal sources) that strongly hint at the return of series veterans Kilik, Nightmare, Siegfried, Tira, Chai Xianghua, Talim, Zasalamel — as well as an eighth new character who would serve as Kilik’s rival, also personifying the supposedly-scrapped Fighting Style mechanic by being able to choose between battling with his twin blades separately, or combining together into a larger single sword. You can hear Hayate’s full thoughts below:

This leaker has been making even more posts on the 8WayRun forums, posting under his Vergeben account

So you know that newcomer I was talking about?
You know that style switching/multiple moveset thing I was talking about?
This is how it works:
Before you ask, no, the character is not Darth Maul. lol
But his weapon was the inspiration for the new guy’s. I needed a visual to express the idea.
And before you worry, no, it’s not a lightsaber, they are swords. More like Cao Pi’s Dual Blade from Dynasty Warriors 5 and 8 from what I hear, which is the same idea.
The new guy uses two swords that he can fight with separate, or combine them and fight that way. Two different movesets in one character.
He’s Kilik’s new rival. And is an assassin.

They tried weapon switch/multiple moveset thing and were dedicated to making it work.
> Some serious problems arose because of it.
> Mostly abandoned in the form they wanted it originally be as far as I know to get the game out of development hell because of it. But there was some kind of V-Trigger styled mechanic in the game as far back as July, which could tie into retaining semblances of it and what they could in certain characters. Though I can’t say for sure yet if there is definitely a connection between the two, but it would make sense.
> The weapon switch/multiple moveset idea was intentionally meant to be highlighted, exist, and live on in the new character that uses two swords that he can combine together and also fight with that way.

Vergeben also backed up Hayate’s claims about Siegfried, Talim and Zasalamel’s returns and also noted that things may be rocky for any V debutant, not named Viola or Z.W.E.I.

Would anyone truly be sad if only Viola and ZWEI were carried over from V?
I can understand liking Pat’s style, but that seems to be the only thing most would even be sad about.

Pyrrha seems to generally be disliked and annoying, with Pyrrha Omega being the thing most people even think is worth retaining and focusing on if she did come back.
Natsu…. needs work to salvage, and I could see them do it. But if they didn’t want to bother doing it…. I would not be surprised.
Xiba was pretty reviled and his shtick got tired and annoying because he was one-dimensional with the only thing that was ever explained that…. he’s hungry…. and in outside info confirmed that he’s Kilik’s bastard son.
Leixia…. was just kind of there simply to replace her mom but more of her “cuteness” played up than they did for Xianghua.

I won’t even bother talking about Elysium, and Dampierre isn’t even technically from V.
I suppose my point is more that, if they “cut the fat” and kept the things that were more original yet underdeveloped (Viola and ZWEI), but dedicated the time and effort to do so, I don’t forsee too much blowback from many at all aside from Pat fans more than anyone.

Finally, Marcus Sellars, a reviewer, editor and writer for multiple Nintendo-related publications, including and NinSwitchNet, Liked a Twitter reply from a fan asking, “Will SC6 have any showing at TGA tomorrow?” He also claims that SCVI will be one of “five unannounced games” at Bandai Namco Entertainment’s event on December 15th, of which Nintendo will supposedly have a very large presence at — perhaps we’ll see Link return as a Switch-exclusive guest after all?

Stay locked to Shoryuken and tune into The Game Awards tonight at 5:30 PM PT (7:30 PM CT/8:30 PM ET) at this link. In the meantime, why not take a trip down memory lane with last year’s 20th Anniversary trailer?

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