Welcome to the Howard Estate. Now die! Tekken 7 DLC2 stage-specific combo roundup

By on December 6, 2017 at 11:00 am
howard estate

Up until this point in Tekken 7, the most feared stage for combo manipulation in tournaments was arguably the Forgotten Realm. Its combination of multiple floor break opportunities into wall combos meant that, versus a knowledgeable opponent, every conversion hurt more then they normally could.

This is assuming, of course, that there were still floor breaks in play: after a balance patch in the arcade, only one floor break was allowed per combo. It also meant that some characters were just blatantly better and pumping out absurd damage on that stage then others, perhaps most notably King and Lili.


Josie 152-damage combo from josie hip.

After the most recent patch, though, some tournament players may breathe a sigh of relief when they get Forgotten Realms. The alternative is that they could have ended up on the dreaded Howard Estate!

112 damage Bob combo from Nether Specter.

Geese Howard’s home stage has three breakable walls, all within a deliberately-placed close proximity of each other, for maximum carnage.

Hwoarang, Asuka, Law, and Xiaoyu Howard Estate combos from cutcc.

And if that weren’t enough, there’s a balcony break looming just beyond the Estate’s breakable walls!

Kazumi, Shaheen, Lili, Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, Asuka, Law, Bryan, Leo, Paul combos by hfblade.

In a lot of these early combos, a key to consistently high damage seems to be saving your Screw Attack for after the last wall break. Since juggle scaling is usually quite high by this point, this will help you figure out a proper tool to reach the balcony.

Kazuya death combo from TheMainManSWE.

Considering the short amount of time the Howard Estate has been out and the wide range of characters already capable of exploiting its stage layout, it’s easy to see that jockeying for wall positioning early on will be a big part of most player’s strategies on this stage.

tekken 7 geese 3 750x400

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