Up and atom! The Atom sizes up the competition in his Injustice 2 intro trailer

By on December 6, 2017 at 7:15 am
Atom Injustice 2

After Ed Boon’s usual round of teasing on Twitter, NetherRealm Studios have released the official intro trailer for the shape-shifting superhero, Atom. A world-renowned physicist and a master of his quantum bio-belt, Ryan Choi can shrink down to deliver a subatomic smack down.

The quantum bio-belt allows Atom to change his size at will, with players able to shift between normal size, half size and atomic size. In half size, Atom stands at the height of a crouching character while in atomic size, he is just a speck of blue light running along the bottom of the screen. While he can dodge most attacks in his miniature form, Atom’s offense becomes quite restricted, so don’t be too frightened when you see a tiny blue dot leaping at you.

Atom does have access to a ray-gun alongside his bio-belt, giving him some wild projectiles. Besides a basic energy bolt, his ray-gun can freeze opponents in place, while briefly changing the size of their hitbox. Atom can also place traps on the floor via his special red and blue chemical vials. One vial drop creates a chemical puddle, with a second vial drop causing the puddle to react as a specific trap. You can mix and match vial drops to create different traps, so experiment to see which reaction is the most deadly.

For those who can’t wait to irritate their opponents with his subatomic shenanigans, the Atom joins the Injustice 2 roster on December 12th for Early Access players.

Source: Injustice

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