UDON’s Shadaloo Special #1 and Street Fighter illustrated novel “Where Strength Lies” are in stores today! [UPDATED]

By on December 6, 2017 at 12:00 pm
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Some cool reprints and a new adventure arrive on store shelves today.

Street Fighter fans are in for a double dose of action today, as both the first Street Fighter: Shadaloo Special comic and the illustrated novel Street Fighter: Where Strength Lies are now available. [And Street Fighter Reloaded #2, as well; see below. – Editor]

The Street Fighter: Shadaloo Special one-shot compiles four Shadaloo-focused stories that were previously available only in UDON hardcover releases:

This villainous collection of rare tales includes two stories by writer Ken Siu-Chong and artist Hanzo Steinbach, and two stories both written and drawn by Omar Dogan. Balrog and Vega fight as only kings can! Juri and Crimson Viper hunt Decapre! Cammy teams up with Delta Red against Shadaloo, and the poisonous F.A.N.G causes mayhem!

Street Fighter: Where Strength Lies is a hardcover novel written by Takashi Yano, featuring cover and interior illustrations by manga artist Yusuke Murata:

The World Warriors take center stage in the first ever Street Fighter novel! Featuring Ryu vs. Akuma, Chun-Li vs. Elena, Guile vs. E.Honda, Sagat vs. M.Bison, and many more classic fighters colliding in their most epic encounters yet. It’s all described in Shoryuken-smashing, Sonic Boom-throwing, Psycho Power-pulsing detail! The action is only enhanced with bonus manga pages and artwork in every chapter by manga legend Yusuke Murata!

You can grab a regular-cover version of the Shadaloo Special for $3.99 (some cover variants cost more), and the novel for around $19.99. Look for these at a comic retailer near you, or online at Focus Attack. The Street Fighter novel is also available on Amazon.

UPDATE: A busy day for Street Fighter stuff from UDON: the second issue of the Street Fighter Reloaded reprint series also was released today!

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