Prepare for the Fighting EX Layer beta with these character movelists and Gougi system breakdown

By on December 6, 2017 at 5:00 pm
FEXL Skullomania

Along with the excitement of Capcom Cup this weekend, fighting game fans will also be getting access to the long-awaited beta of Fighting EX Layer. With both old-school Street Fighter EX players and brand new faces coming to ARIKA’s fighter, you’ll want to get acquainted with the characters ahead of time. Plus with the new Gougi system, there’s bound to be some confusion when people boot up the beta on December 11th.

Well, ARIKA have thought ahead and release not only the movelists of the beta’s cast, but a brief explanation of Fighting EX Layer‘s controls and Gougi system. Similar to other contemporary fighters, Fighting EX Layer has two control schemes — one for veterans and another for novices. The traditional control scheme has players doing usual DP, 360 and QCF motions, while the new ‘Progressive’ control scheme has shorter commands for “faster inputs”. These “faster inputs” shorten motions like down, down forward, forward into just down forward, while it completely changes the way you input Supers. Rather than performing repeat QCFs, these Progressive Supers have players doing Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct-esque back forward or up down motions.

To ease people in, ARIKA has simplified the Gougi system for the beta. Players pick from pre-made Gougi “decks,” made up of select power-ups. The Aggro Deck for example, focuses on increasing a player’s damage output, while the Infinity Deck is built around giving a player infinite Super meter. Each Gougi power has a specific condition — like spend 10 bars of Super Meter or avoid damage for six seconds — that must be met before it is activated, so you’ll have to tailor your play-style to fit a certain strategy. The full version of Fighting EX Layer will allow players to create their own Gougi decks, so get theory-crafting once the beta ends!

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