Ho ho ho! Santa Claus is coming to knock seven bells out of the Fight of Gods roster

By on December 6, 2017 at 8:01 am
Santa Fight of Gods

Just in time for Saint Nicholas’ Day, PQube and Digital Crafter are bringing Santa Claus to Fight of Gods. Kris Kringle is Fight of Gods‘ second free character, with more to come in the future.

Acting as the modern face of Christmas, Santa Claus comes to fight with a sack full of festive weaponry to beat up all those naughty gods and goddesses. Along with slapping his foes up with giant candy canes and Christmas trees, Santa’s Super has him jumping in his sleigh and charging straight into his opponent. Forget grandma, looks like Moses is going to get run over by a reindeer this Christmas.

Along with coal and exploding presents, Santa’s sack does contain one secret gift — but we’ll go on the naughty list if we tell you outright. Santa’s elves have told us that players can get this gift by doing something special on the character select screen, so start experimenting once the Santa patch goes live.

And of course, Santa’s addition means players can have Jesus and Father Christmas fighting it out to discover the true meaning of Christmas — playing fighting games with friends. To that end, Fight of Gods is 33% off on Steam until December 20th, making it a perfect Secret Santa gift for someone this holiday season.

Source: PQube

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