desk’s Geese Howard combo video for Tekken 7 is anything but predictable

By on December 6, 2017 at 2:00 pm
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He’s already covered the Master of the Fist in Tekken 7, now desk has set his sights on King of Fear and notorious bad dad, Geese Howard. With Geese having the capability for big damage, as well as flashy extensions through the use of his Max Mode, desk has put together some impressive combos for this showcase.

As with anything made by desk, expect some impressive editing work as Geese clobbers any challengers that dares oppose him. While Geese’s bizarre adventure has him short-hopping between different stages, desk makes sure to finish the video back at the Howard Estate — with a 100% damage combo from the big man himself. If you’re looking for Estate-specific combos, take a look at our special tech round-up, dedicated to the eye-watering strings you can perform on this special stage.

Source: desk

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